Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let’s make pictures

Every now and then people came up to me asking why they can’t get photos like the Pros do. In simple terms….their photos sucks (mind my words). They lack the message……no impact.

I would like to sum up the answer in a few words……..’Dun take pictures….make them’.

I found this statement applicable in portraiture photography. As I for once don’t blindly go out for a shoot without a theme in mind. I would then match the model/s to be in line with that theme….the dress, the location, the expression, the mood, the pose, the lighting…..well heck I even go up to the extend of applying the make up on them.

Most people don’t realize the planning process takes more time than the picture taking itself. The thought process behind every shot that involves in them. Well, I guess the term…....’No Pain No Gain’ rings true here.

So to u readers….come and Let us all make (more) pictures.

Captured wildlife

I love Iguanas, Tarantulas, small creatures. Small baby crocs excite me too. Love the texture on their thick contoured skin.