Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photography is about sharing your knowledge. This month I'll be conducting workshops for newbies just for the fun of it. My specialty...portraiture.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dr. HIsham & Dr. Ixora

Been wanting to do their portraiture for quite some time now...just couldn't match their time. Hey...medical doctors are busy, u can't just drag them out of their OTs....there are patients to attend to. However, this time around we did manage to squeeze and find time during a seminar in Malacca. Well here they are....cheerful n all. Let me extend my thanks to both of them who has been a sport during the entire shoot....n to both Dr Hisham & Dr Ixora, who r proud parents to advance congratulations. Hope to see you soon.

Animal Portraiture

Animals? What can I say? They can look cute sometimes......with their antics, their cute looks, each with their own unique character. But to me, some of them mimic us humans in one way or the other. I just love how they look on camera.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Portraiture........and capturing the moments.

Each one of us are not created equal.........a good portraiture needs to capture the essence of the subject so that it will show the character through. It needs skill & experience to make them connect. That extra something. A beauty shot needs to amplify the beautiful side of a person. Only then will the true beauty shines through the photos. For example, eyes tells a lot about the character of a person, they'll tell you whether they are sad, happy or lonely. But above all, a great portraiture will let you feel what they are feeling through it.

Living and telling as it is.......

Well.......what can I say but to thank all that has been supporting me through all these years. From the day I first started into photography till now. Thank God to blogs, people around the world can now interact. If not for it, you won't be reading this either. Here's to the border less world of the first blog.

Well like me, did you find photography astounding? How pictures can reach audiences from different cultures, races, religion and languages? Its funny isn't it, that we tend to smile, smirking at the same picture. And it won't matter whether you are living in San Fransisco, London, Christchurch or even Zimbabwe? We somehow appreciate the same pics.

For me pictures connect people together. They just do. It's just worth a thousand words.