Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do we have to be correct all the time?

Met up with an idol of mine recently, whom I've wanted to meet for quite some time now.....and all I can say of that meeting is beliefs has been renewed.

We sat down and threw ideas and beliefs at each other and I came back satisfied. His foresights on things are spot on…..and we shared the same insights on things. The only difference is….he did it in a more direct way…no BS kinda way. Which I love and respect.

In photography, some people are just a pain and just need to be correct all the time. Yes….ALL the time! When it comes to giving suggestions, comments or critiques….they just want the last word in everything. It has to be their way….and nothing else.

Do you still remember when your best friend asks you to tag along to advise him on a new shirt/shoe? And he insisted for your advise……on a blue shirt or a red one. …stating that he’s kinda undecided between the two. And being a good friend that you are……you chose RED. But he went for the BLUE!

Suddenly you felt defensive…..why the heck did he bring you along asking to advise him but in actual fact he already has the RED shirt already fix in his mind? Kinda irony isn’t it?

But sometimes we forget……that our advise is from our own perspective and preferences….but not from his. That is what we would have chosen…….if we were to choose between the 2….and if we were the one who’s buying/wearing it.

We forgot that it is merely a suggestion (and nothing else)……it depends for him/her to accept them. Do we really need to be defensive about it? Again at what expense?

Next time if you are the one asking for suggestion……please don’t do that to others if you’ve already set your mind on something else.

‘Sometimes winning is not everything’

p/s…to my new found friend…you know who you are. Thanks for reminding me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who is it for? (Photos we took)

When we exhibit/share/show photos of our work.....are we really trying to impress ourselves or others? Who are we to impress or please actually? Its a classic tale of 'The Man, the Boy and the Donkey' from Aesop's fable for me. A case of too many cooks. When one started out into the world of photography......the first thing to do is...of course to snap pictures. The more the better it is.....but sometimes it is a case of one too many snaps. Yes, I agree that one would like to progress swiftly.......but at what expense? We ask for 'Comments and Critics' of our photos from people in the know and rely on those info to improve. But we ask from too many of get confused. As this 'sifu' says this way and the other says the other.....when confronted.....both then defended the differences in thought as 'Art'. Wow....even more confusing.

My suggestion is to all aspiring photographers out there....get your basics right first, get it sound.....emulate, be open. Choose the style that you want to go for....and a mentor with that style in mind to guide you around. There's no point trying to impress everyone.

'Please All, and You will Please No One'

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hari Raya & kids

These are the time to capture your kids....donning new dresses with bright and cheerful colors. Just love them when they go out with their parents for Raya open houses with their smiling and cheerful faces.

Of Raya open houses, new houses & new born

Hari Raya means a new meaning to all Muslims....but to some it is a celebration of life. Welcoming a new addition to the family. Dr Asyraf & Dr Suraya.....congatulations on your new baby boy and Selamat Hari Raya....Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Sometimes less is more

I feel that whatever we do on camera, has to be in harmony with whatever we'll do on PP (Post-Process). I learn it thru the hard way.....but here are some of my principles when I shoot portraiture:

1. GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)....IMHO no matter how good ur PP skill is always good to capture them true to what u want first time around in camera.

2. Always shoot the Object & BG in mind. There are always cases whereby photogs will be so immersed with the model (in cases of leng lui) that they forgot to mind the BG.

3. Mind the lighting......when PP always mind the angle of the natural light when it falls onto their faces. So as not to emulate them on PP it in an unnatural manner.

4. Blemishes............too much of anything is not good. Too much PP of the blemishes is also not good & vice versa.

5. A little of everything will go a long way in PP.

These are all the minor/minute details that I look out for in my portraiture. But it all comes to a lot when it matters most....the final outcome.

Hope you guys benefit. Tq.