Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Of getting recognised and recognition.....

Why do we go for awards? One of my workshops participants once asked. To me its a form of recognition that you collect along your journey as a photographer. It gets you motivated and keeps you going, and it also says that you are on the right track and that your work is being noticed.

For those who claimed that he/she don't go for awards because they are not glamour seekers, not wanting to be popular.....to me these sort of people are just suffering from an inferiority complex and are afraid to lose. Because these same people are also the ones going around collecting post counts in forums and what not. Going for awards is no different than getting yourself into forums and hard selling yourself to be popular. Simply put...people go into forums coz they want to be recognised too isn't it?

So what's the difference then?

My advice to all...there's nothing wrong to be recognised, really. But hard selling yourself and self denial is something else.

For those who wanted to go for photo competitions....don't hesitate.....losing is not the end of the world. Well at least now we know where we stand...and who knows you might win something.

Good luck.

The 'Gentle Giant' won again...

It's been a long year....and 2009 is coming to an end. Lucky for me the photo which won 2 previous awards previously, won again.

This time it was for the 'Malaysian wildlife Photographer of the year award'. It won first prize in the Black & White category. In which my other photo of an Iguana was also picked as joined runners up along with 3 others.

The competition is regarded as the most prestigious photo competition in Malaysia that carries total prize money of RM100,000.

To all those who has supported me along the years, my friends and supporters this award is specially dedicated to all of you.