Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 'Gentle Giant' won again...

It's been a long year....and 2009 is coming to an end. Lucky for me the photo which won 2 previous awards previously, won again.

This time it was for the 'Malaysian wildlife Photographer of the year award'. It won first prize in the Black & White category. In which my other photo of an Iguana was also picked as joined runners up along with 3 others.

The competition is regarded as the most prestigious photo competition in Malaysia that carries total prize money of RM100,000.

To all those who has supported me along the years, my friends and supporters this award is specially dedicated to all of you.


Christopher said...

Hi Zamrud,

Great picture! Where can I find more information about this contest? Is it the one organized by Zoo Negara? Couldn't find any info doing a quick search on Google.


Kurt said...

Wow..congrat pal!

zamrud photography said...

Christopher: Yes Christopher, it was organised by the Zoo Negara. However, the winners was supposed to be announced in January 20009 but because of some nagging technicalities, they have to postponed it till October. Here's the link: http://www.zoonegara.org.my/wildlife08/wpoty08_M/mengenaikami.html

Do note however, that they have yet to update the site with the list of winners. But you can buy the book that the Zoo have printed/published with all the winning entries photos on it.

Hope this helps.

Kurt: Thanks pal....appreciate it very much coming from you.

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shahrina said...

nice knowing u..hope my wish to be Sociophotographer will come true..i'm ready to learn sir.

roland.theys said...

Great picture!

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