Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo of the month??

Yeayyy.....The elephant shot that I took awhile back won the 'Hot shots Photo of the month' by Digital Camera magazine for the month of September 2008 (a sister magazine of the UK company). I really love this shot for its powerful image and the strong connection. Just can't stop staring at it.

I've won top awards for portraiture on 4 different occasions previously (local and overseas)...but this one I hold dearly. Mind you the previous ones are no slouch either. They were organized by big companies (1 in Malaysia and 3 in Australia)....but I guess this is the first time I won it in the Digital category. Apart from these....I've won landscape, nature and general...but they are just top 10. But now I guess there's no turning back for me...I just want more! (crossing my fingers)

The prize for winning is a copy of the much raved editing software of the 'Adobe Photoshop CS3'. A friend of mine said.....I won maybe because of wishful thinking. For I'm always teased for not having the latest software and still using the old one. he won't have to.

But seriously for's not the gears or's how you translate the image in your mind to print.

Here's the pic of the 'Gentle Giant' again.


Jay Han said...

uber coolness bro. congrats on this.

zamrud photography said...

thanks...guess I need to share the prize with the elephant...u reckon huh?

cemilion said...

dear abang zam,

For a humble malaysian professional photographer, I personally believe that you deserve the price. I could feel the honesty inside that picture..


p/s: bunyik poyo but its true

zamrud photography said...

Oooooh...thanks. Opportunities like those dun come along easily ...I was at the right place and at the right time i guess. Sometimes the feel dun come often....I was once told by my mentor that u have to be one with ur subject...and the feel will transmit to ur pics.

He once listen to instrumental songs for almost a week b4 he went out to capture romantic pics.

Well that's HIM.