Monday, April 13, 2009

Gears.....nothing but gears?

Our gears are important. Cameras, lenses, computers, hardware, software etc. We have to know how to use them in order to produce good pics.

However, there are far more important things than the latest technical developments in digital cameras. Yes, there have been some incredible advances in camera technology in recent years and I'm quite sure there are more to come. And as a photographer we should be aware of these advancements, but don't get carried away investing in large sums of money in the latest and most technically advance equipment.

Creating great photographs isn't just about the size of our digital files, but its about the content of the pictures. It's about what we do with our equipment....and if the pictures lack content, then they fail, whatever the resolution of the sensor of our camera wouldn't matter now.

As a photographer, it's important to understand the type and quantity of our equipment we need for the images that we want to make.

Choosing the right equipment is a matter of practical, creative, and personal choices IMHO.

Happy picture making.


Nicholas Leong said...

Couldn't agree more. Look at the DCIM issue this month, the man who got amazing photos using slow shutter technique was only using a D40.

And he has amazing shots.

zamrud photography said...

Ohhhhh really?? Need to buy the DCIM quickly then.

Thanks again for the support of the blog.