Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes less is more

I feel that whatever we do on camera, has to be in harmony with whatever we'll do on PP (Post-Process). I learn it thru the hard way.....but here are some of my principles when I shoot portraiture:

1. GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)....IMHO no matter how good ur PP skill is always good to capture them true to what u want first time around in camera.

2. Always shoot the Object & BG in mind. There are always cases whereby photogs will be so immersed with the model (in cases of leng lui) that they forgot to mind the BG.

3. Mind the lighting......when PP always mind the angle of the natural light when it falls onto their faces. So as not to emulate them on PP it in an unnatural manner.

4. Blemishes............too much of anything is not good. Too much PP of the blemishes is also not good & vice versa.

5. A little of everything will go a long way in PP.

These are all the minor/minute details that I look out for in my portraiture. But it all comes to a lot when it matters most....the final outcome.

Hope you guys benefit. Tq.

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