Friday, October 10, 2008

Hari Raya & kids

These are the time to capture your kids....donning new dresses with bright and cheerful colors. Just love them when they go out with their parents for Raya open houses with their smiling and cheerful faces.


Amino said...

You have a blog?!!?
How come i didn't know about this? Hehehe.. I'll be reading your blog for tips and advises for sure!

zamrud photography said... ni hanya utk org 6fps ke bawah je. Tu sbb tuan hamba tak tau....terlampau laju kehadapan lajaknye tu. Tu pasal la terlepas pandang blog hamba ini. advise #1 for u.....shoot me more (dah bagi green light...tu compliment tu...meaning given trust)

Amino said...

I wish that I could learn just 30% of your photography skills. With just that, it would definitely improve my final product by 100%.

You da man!

zamrud photography said...

Always believe in urself....sometimes the answer to our questions are within us....look far and u will be lost. Sit down and reflect. Some pp would love to have what u have.

Trust me u can be better than me....I dun say this often and I think I'm rite this time.