Friday, January 30, 2009

Of lines and colors

Went out with my usual suspect plus new found friend.....namely lordmint, nfariz8 and calios on the very first day of CNY. Had nothing to we went to the KL National monument and its nearby attraction.....for some picture taking.
p/s......thanks to LM for lending me his B+W CPL (B+W rocks) and to calios nice meeting u.


Nicholas Leong said...

Wow, the second one looks like 3D generated graphic. Interesting. :)

zamrud photography said...

Wow......that was fast. Yeah.....purposely chose that angle and composition to intrigue ppl into curiosity and start them to think.


Adrian said...

Pic 1:
Overall, what attract me the most in this pic is the vibrant colour + contrast between the water + blue tiles against the walkpath. Added with the slight reflection + shadow (really covers the dirt underneath the walkpath)+ some perspective and lines from the walkpath blocks... Very nice....

Pic 2:
My first view... I thought this is a 3D graphical illusion, then when look harder... Its actually wall-wall-floor (or is it ceiling) corner joint with some architectural treatment (so the corner don't really look ugly... Though the colour is plain, but the light and shadow work is well done creating a kind of illusion... Like this one too.

Overall... Work of a Seefoo... Like both of it.


zamrud photography said...

Hi Adrian.....

What a keen observation u got there.

U are right on the first photo. FYI it was uncropped.....on top of all that u've described, I purposely waited for the ripple on the water to almost touch the shadow of the pathway to enhance the effect fully. But at the same time I dun want the bluishness of the tiles/water to interfere the shadow and the pathway as well. I wanted to create the feel of 3 dimensionality of the subject.....being pathway, shadow and the floor of the pool...hence the composition.

Pic 2:
Yes......again I purposely chose that composition to intrigue viewers into the dimensionality of the subject. I dun want ppl to simply guess it on first glance. I just want ppl to stop and think when they see it. For me, a good photo is when we can make them stop and think about it.

And yes....u are correct again in that it is the corner part of a wall.

Thanks for ur kind words and observation.

My work here is done.

Amino @ Lordmint said...

Stunning work!
Glad I contributed something :P

zamrud photography said...

U've always contributed something to my shots mate

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